Falkland Island Case Study


The Falkland Islands have around 100 remote homes and farms with no access to the national grid. In 1996, a renewable energy programme was launched by the Falkland Islands Development Corporation to research alternative energy sources. The devices selected had to be effective and reliable providing the most power to the residents in these remote locations. The device will have to be adaptable to the weather conditions of the Falkland Islands and its high wind speeds. The remote locations use costly diesel generators so require a cost effective power solution.


The Proven/Kingspan range was chosen due to its robust construction and ability to survive consistent highspeed
winds. The average annual wind in the Falklands is in excess of 8.5 m/s. The Proven/Kingspan battery charging systems were selected for this project. Depending on the energy requirements of the dwelling either a Proven/Kingspan 2.5 or Proven/Kingspan 6 was installed. The relatively low operating speed of the Proven/Kingspan was considered as a factor that would improve its chances of long-term success. This has been substantiated as some Proven/Kingspan wind turbines have now been in operation for over 11 years. The turbine systems are backed up by a diesel generator and battery storage system to ensure continuous reliable power.


The installation of the Proven/Kingspan wind turbines on the Falkland Islands has provided green, reliable, cost effective power. Previously power was produced from diesel generators which proved expensive. This requirement has been dramatically reduced and in some cases eradicated. The Proven/Kingspan 2.5 has the ability to produce between 2,500kwh and 5,000kwh annually and Proven/Kingspan 6 has the potential to produce between 6,000kwh to 12,000 annually. The distinctive blade design of the Proven/Kingspan enables the turbine to produce electricity in both low and high winds providing maximum electricity output.

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