Disturbance Area

Wind Turbine production increases significantly with wind speed due, for the technically minded, to a cubed relationship of power to wind speed.

Ways to increase your wind speed and thus your power production include:

1. Fitting the turbine to a higher mast as wind speed increase with
distance away form the ground
2. Using the contours of the surrounding land to enhance the wind
3. To place the turbine in “Clean Air” away for disturbed or turbulent
wind caused by other obstructions.

Below is a diagram that shows the area that is effected by turbulence. Wind speeds decrease and turbulence
increases in the vicinity of obstructions. The effects are greater down wind of the obstruction but are also noticeable upwind. One easy way of checking turbulence is to fly a kite When the streamers are flowing evenly then you have the kite in good clean air.

(Diagrams taken from “Wind Power” by Paul Gipe)

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