There are three basic system types depending upon your needs

On Grid Solution

On grid solution is where your renewable energy is

connected directly to your switchboard. Excess energy

is sold back to the grid and is then purchased back

again when it is required. The advantage in this

system is that you do not need to purchase any storage

device such as batteries; the disadvantages are that

there is a discrepancy in the price that you can sell the

power to the power company and what you then buy it back at. And if mains fails the energy system has to disconnect from mains by law and so you lose your generation for the duration of the outage.

Maintained On Grid Solution

With a maintained system you still connect to the grid and have the security of mains power available but also provide power during mains power outages. With a set of batteries you can:
1. store your excess power so not having to sell it cheaply and buy it back more expensively
2. keep power on during a mains power failure as the

batteries supply your own local grid and the renewable system keeps generating
3. In some areas purchase top up power at cheap night rates and store it in your batteries rather than having to buy it when needed
4. For public spaces use the site for disaster relief as it may well have power available when all other power is out.

Off Grid Solution

Off grid is usually only used where the cost of installing power onto the site is very high. As the cost of line maintenance increases there may be advantages in going “off grid” but currently it is usually more cost effective to stay connected to the grid if it is available. An on grid solution can be extended later to a maintained and then an off grid system in steps if required later.

Tecnico can help with all of these methods and are happy to advise you further.

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