BPE Family of Inverters

The BPE range of inverters is designed for both on and off-grid installations. The inverters are all AS/NZS4777 approved for inclusion on our main grid network and in fact improve the quality of power on the network particularly in remoter areas.

In the off grid mode the inverters are controlled by a central BPE Hybrid Inverter which forms a local grid in just the same way as mains power is provided. This can be single or three phase.

The hybrid inverter can have both wind and solar inputs but also allows for ac coupled synchronous inverters to be installed as well. Hybrid inverters can be fitted in groups of up to 3 allowing for 24 kW single phase or 36 kW three phase systems.

More details of BPE products can be found at www.badgerpowerelectronics.com

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