Live Monitoring and Tracking Displays & Dashboards

Tecnico can provide full monitoring services of energy equipment and other peripheral measurements.

We can monitor and display over the internet power consumption and generation, water and gas usage, temperature measurements, wind speed and direction.

Having reliably captured the energy consumption and or power production data, it is then transmitted, secured and then, in near real time, this data is converted into meaningful, power consumption / energy production graphics, web reports and dashboards. Each display is tailored to meet the needs of the audience to provide insight, education and even aid in selecting the most appropriate renewable energy device based on historical data and performance averages.

Transmission of data is achieve by either Ethernet connection, GSM cell phone link or by collecting data on a local data logger and manually downloading – suitable for wind measurements before installing a turbine when there are no communications available.

Information display can be designed to suit your own requirements.

Energy consumption and power production data can be used in schools, business, community groups, people passionate about their energy devices.

Full details of the system can be found at

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