Solar Panels


Tony is very experienced installing stand alone solar arrays as well as combined wind and solar. In the past Tony solarised New Zealand's lighthouse service when he was engineer manager in charge of lighthouse maintenance. He has had more than 20 years experience in developing good systems for NZ's climate.

Tenico provides high quality solar panels with small systems starting at about $6,000. Our solar panels are top quality and reliable unlike many cheaper versions and are all warranted to 5 years.

Please note that you cannot compare kW ratings of wind and solar as a 3 kW turbine in a good wind area can provide 5 times the energy of a 3 kW solar array and also tends to provide it more consistently through the day and night.  The only comparison that is effective is comparing the daily out puts throughout the year.

With solar unless you intend having battery support then the optimum solution (financially) is to supply about 30-50% of your power needs depending on how much energy you can use directly during the day when the sun is shining compared with having to export to the grid at wholesale price and having to purchase it back in the evening at retail prices. Each kW of solar will provide around 1300 kWh per year depending on where you are in the country and on local conditions.

Bearing in mind that if you have a reasonable wind resource a wind turbine remains the most cost effective and we can advise on the optimum system for you.


In many situations the optimum solution may be a combined wind and solar which evens out the power so you have a consistent supply of energy without large peaks and troughs which often happens with single generation system.   A wind and solar system will cut down the amount of space required. Research I have conducted on Matiu-Somes Island with an installation of off grid wind and solar (published) shows the clear benefit of combining wind and solar.  The benefits being: a smaller wind turbine, solar array and battery bank.  Also, less reliance on diesel or mains back-up.

Call me on 021 434 394 or email for advise on the number of panels you may require and an approximate cost.