Know Your Renewable Energy Potential

Pre-purchase personalised Energy Assessments

We can carry out a range of energy assessments to help identify if a renewable energy system is suitable for your property and what level of benefits you will get from one. There is a small cost for these services so please discuss with us what you would like to achieve and we can tailor a solution to your needs.


This is an initial energy assessment of your property for the suitability for renewable energy. This is an off site energy assessment looking at local area conditions. We will provide you with a two page report within two weeks in which we:
  • Identify your region’s wind and solar resources
  • Confirm your annual energy consumption
  • Provide outline solutions to suit your needs and climate resources
  • Provide budgetary costings


This is a site specific energy assessment where we look at your individual requirements and resources. We will provide a detailed report within 4 weeks and we will:
  • Carry out a site survey
  • Assess your wind and solar resources. Anemometer trial is available at additional cost
  • Assess the best positioning of the equipment
  • Provide details of the preferred solution
  • Provide benefits and anticipated production figures for the recommended solution
  • Give you accurate pricing for supply and installation of the recommended system.


Only required for large installations This gives everything in a bronze and silver energy assessment but also includes:
  • Detailed assessment and analysis of your energy usage
  • Design of your renewable energy system to best match you load profile. This cuts down storage requirements, reduces the amount of exported energy making more use of your own energy,
  • Identifies the most economic way to cover short peak load requirements.
  • Provide a detailed solution for your needs with all the benefits and costs

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